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Nueva Megadrive 3 de Tectoy con Fifa 2008, NFS, Sims 2 etc..

Aunque ya existía una megadrive 3. Tectoy, la compañía brasileña ha bautizado así también a su ultima creación. Una consola megadrive que incluirá titulos como nuevos como Fifa 2008 , Need For Speed Pro Street, Sims 2, Sim City. 86 juegos incluidos en total etc...: Podeis ver aquí el listado completo.

Os copio la noticia:


Tec Toy Brazil is releasing a new Sega console, the Mega Drive 3, with 86 built-in games. It's got a very router-like design, with two Genesis controller ports on the front. Comes with two three-button controllers, which is really odd, considering the Master System 3 comes with six-button controllers, and looks more like an actual Genesis/Mega Drive. It has composite out as well.

But here's the really interesting thing - four of the games are new. Tec Toy has licensed four EA games and ported them to the Mega Drive, which means official big-budget titles well after the death of the console in the West and Asia (sorry Beggar Prince). The games are Fifa 2008, Need for Speed Pro Street, The Sims 2, and Sim City - ports of mobile games, according to the text on the site (it says versão mobile). If you look at the full game list you'll see that a lot of these games are completely mysterious. Games like Aniversário or Aquaduto are likely simple original Brazilian Mega Drive games...we've discussed their original Master System games before, and I'd imagine this is more of the same. In fact, Aniversario and several others are actually on that SMS list as well, so they could just be straight ports. The list of official games is odd as well. Battle Golfer Yui, for instance! Or the horrifying Crystal's Pony Tale. There is unfortunately no price or release date listed, but I'll get more information as it develops. Thanks to Leonardo for the link and Portuguese help.

This actually has some additional implications. The Genie is going to be released in Brazil (more info here) at some point in the near future, and is mobile architecture-based. These ports show that Tec Toy is already building relationships with large publishers on the mobile front, and further that they are building up their infrastructure for ports. Will Genie games be ports, or originals? That's unclear, but the option is open for the Genie to actually have its own versions of games, rather than straight across dumping of mobile titles (this would allow for controls to be customized, since handsets are so different). Very interesting developments at Tec Toy these days.

Notes for the blogs who will run this story and who don't know who Tec Toy is: This console has built-in games only, there is no ability to play carts. Tec Toy is a Brazilian company with long ties to Sega, and has been their official distributer there for years, distributing the Saturn and Dreamcast officially in the region. They are currently working on a new console called the Genie. Please get the information right.

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